81-something about Japan-

A path for
& Harmony
to make
the world
a better place.

81 -something about Japan

The longer I have been away, the more I see the essences for peace and sustainability in Japanese traditions.

Those virtues have been passed on for thousands of years and formed Japan’s unique customs, architects, foods or people’s behaviour. Most information or travel guide talk about what you can see, so I thought I would feature something about Japan that laid under visible quietly.

81 Japan.net  is a blog with hope to provide readers a feel of harmony and tranquility. Because I believe peaceful world starts from individuals within.

I am not a historian but as an editor, trying to find the light in particle and gather them to share with you.

Hope you enjoy the mental, spiritual journey of discovery with me.

For who?

People planning to go to Japan

This is not a travel guide, but knowing Japanese spirits may enhance your experience.

People interested in Japanese culture in general

You may have Japanese friends or have hobbies relating Japanese culture like bonsai, manga, kimono… Hope you connect with them more by knowing philosophies.

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